Monday, August 29, 2011

Aloha Summer Birthday - Dessert Table Details

The dessert table was incredibly fun to style.  Once I decided on a color scheme that consisted of orange, tangerine, yellow and fuchsia it was time for the creativity to begin.  When I came across the gorgeous hibiscus flowers created by DK Designs, I fell in LOVE.  They became the focal point when putting together ideas for the Aloha Summer themed birthday party.  I worked with incredibly talented ladies who made the most breathtaking treats for the dessert table.

Pictured above, is the birthday cake which served as the centerpiece for the table. The cake was adorned with eco-chic hand crafted hibiscus flowers created by Diane of DK Designs.  

When I opened the package from Diane in the mail, I was speechless.  Diane's work is so intricate and beautiful! Her gorgeous flowers truly made the cake simply amazing and made for the perfect centerpiece for the dessert table.  The celebration candles from Shop Sweet Lulu matched perfectly.

 I am loving all of the colorful, layered cakes that I have come across lately.  I so wanted to have a layered cake consisting of the party's colors.  The night before the party, I decided to give it a try.  Part of me thought I was crazy for making a layered cake without having made one before.  What if it turned into a disaster?  I enlisted in the help of my sweet hubby.  His engineering skills came in very handy indeed!  If it weren't for him, you might be looking at pictures of one lopsided mess.  When we cut the cake, it definitely set a "wow" moment at the party.  I was so happy that it turned out exactly as I had envisioned.  I had so many guests ask where I had the cake made.  I have Betty Crocker to thank.  We used four 6 inch cake pans and created 4 sets of batter each using Motek Sugarcraft's Magic Colours concentrated paste until we reached the colors we desired.  Just a couple of drops and the colors were achieved.

Inspired by Amy Atlas, who creates the most stunning dessert tables, I incorporated the hibiscus flowers and party color scheme throughout the dessert table.  A happy and colorful bed linen print with bright swirls of flowers and paisley from Pottery Barn Teen was used as the backdrop for the dessert table.  The dessert table was adorned with large paper flowers that were added to the backdrop.  I made a table skirt using raffia hula skirts and I added a garland in matching party colors using leis from Party City.

When I received the cookies that Christina from Cookies Are My Canvas sent, I think my mouth dropped.  I was completely blown away at how fabulous they were.  Never before had I seen such stunning cookies before.  Every little detail was so perfect even down to the glitter in the icing.  Christina took the colors and flower designs that I emailed her and created perfectly coordinating cookies.

I absolutely loved Christina's yellow polka dot ALOHA cookies.  They were the perfect addition to the centerpiece for the table.

I love making cupcakes and they are always a favorite among kiddos as well.  I used my favorite decorating tip which is the Wilton 2D.  The flower drop tip always gives a fun ruffled look to the icing.  Icing cupcakes is not my forte (although I have been getting lots of practice this past year) but I find by using this tip, no matter how I angle the tip, the icing always turns out looking very pretty.  I added my party tags as toppers for the finishing touch!

When I came across Charynn's at Two Sugar Babies fondant hibiscus flowers, I knew that they would be the perfect treat for the dessert table.  Charynn customized the toppers to match the colors of the party and I adore how they turned out.  Her designs are delightfully simple and stunning!

Many elements of the party came from inspiration that I found at HWTM, including the candy kabobs. I really had a fun time making these.  I found lots of gummy candies at the dollar store.  The candy kabobs were a BIG hit with the kiddos.  They were simple to make and I look forward to sharing the tutorial I put together with you soon!

I bought Jelly Bellys in shades of yellow, orange and pink.  They added an additional splash of color to the table.  I found the white pails at a dollar store.  By placing the jelly beans in the white pails, the colors really "popped" from the table.  Who doesn't love jelly beans?

I used one of my signs from the collection and used a circle cutter to create the circle shape for a cute table decoration.  I then added a long lollipop stick to it and tied a matching bow around it.  Then, I filled a jar with candies which held the party sign in place. 

I used Starbuck's Frappuccino bottles to serve fresh lemonade in.   I dipped the bottles in pink sugar sprinkles and placed yellow striped straws from Shop Sweet Lulu to top off the look.

The adorable birthday hula girls taking a peek at all of the birthday treats and goodies.

Thanks so much to everyone who helped create such delicious and beautiful treats that helped to make this party such a hit!
The dessert table was incredible!

Many more details coming soon!
xoxo, Stefanie

In the meantime, the Aloha collection is available in my shop HERE.


  1. Let me just first say that I love the color palette. The cake looks fantastic, but I have to say that my favorite part about this posting is the re-purposed Starbucks frappacino jars! How creative, how thoughtful, how GREEN and SUPER CUTE!

  2. Everything about this party is stunning and I've been waiting to see all the details!

    If you made those flowers yourself, I'd LOVE to see a tutorial!! They are amazing! :)

  3. The creativity that you ladies have is incredible! When you think you have seen it all... This is beautiful!
    I have a question: Did you make the large flowers from the background. If not, where did you get them? Thanks.

  4. So creative! I love the flowers on the backdrop and the pink sugar encrusted lemonade bottles! Too Cute!

  5. Wow, stunning! you put so much effort into all the little details, it makes all the difference! beautiful... congratulations!!!

  6. I love the colour theme, looks amazing! The layered cake goes so well with the backdrop....congrats!

  7. So creative! The color scheme is just perfect!


  8. The colors used for this party are so beautiful! I just found you on Amy Atlas and am so glad I did!

  9. You have an amazing taste. Is there a tutorial on the paper flowers you used on the backdrop?
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  10. Thanks so much! I didn't make the paper flowers myself. A store near me was taking them down for the window display and let me have them. I do have a pom tutorial on my blog: And sells similar paper flowers. I am sure if you do a search for paper flower tutorial, you will find lots of inspiration.

  11. La mesa es preciosa, elegante y las flores de papel geniales. Me ha encantado el conjunto. Enhorabuena


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