Wednesday, May 8, 2013

DIY Tutorial: How to Make Lavender Sachets

You may recognize these adorable Lavender Sachets from the Butterfly Party that I shared with you yesterday.  I created a DIY Tutorial for Hostess with the Mostess which you can view HERE.  Today I am sharing my easy sew Lavender bags which make for a fun party activity as well as a great party favor.  And don't forget that Mother's Day is this weekend so the sachets would be a wonderful Mother's Day gift as well.

Dried Lavender
Pinking Shears
Embroidery Thread

1.  Using pinking shears, cut 2 rectangles of fabric measuring 4 x 8 inches to prevent the fabric from fraying.

2. With wrong sides of fabric facing, stitch together the sides and base of fabric using the needle and embroidery thread.  The stitch should be small enough so that the lavender cannot leak out.

 3. When the bag is complete, use a spoon to carefully fill it with dried lavender.  Fill the bag approximately halfway up, and make sure it is quite full and plump.

 4. Tie ribbon around the bag, just above the lavender.  Trim ends of ribbon using scissors.


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