Wednesday, February 20, 2013

diy Barnyard Trio Frames Home Decor Project

From the day that we moved into our home back in 2006, one area that stumped me decor wise was a space in our foyer.  When you open the front door, this is what you would see:

My goal was to create a space that was warm and inviting but I was having a hard time as to how to do so.  I posted the picture on my Facebook page and received so many great ideas and tips from our fans on my design dilemma.  I also looked at my go to place for inspiration on Pinterest.  I thought I would share the "after" photos as well as the tutorial I found at Craft Warehouse to create the barnyard style frames.  I found the table at HomeGoods and placed a few beloved gifts from our wedding on the table including our decoupage wedding invitation plate from Marye-Kelley and Waterford bowl.

 What you need:

3 wood frames 12" x 12" ( I purchased mine from Aaron Brothers)
3 12" x 12" burlap fabric sheets
wood letter
acrylic craft paint in desired color and paint brush
black spray paint
metal hinge clips and long fasteners
glue gun
favorite photos

1.  Start with painting wooden letter with paint and allow to dry.
2.  Spray paint your metal clips and fasteners black and allow to dry.
3.  Remove glass from your frame and discard.  Using your glue gun, glue burlap onto the inside of the frame backing.  Repeat for the other two frames.  Set aside to dry.
4.  Using your glue gun, glue the wooden letter onto the burlap in the center of one frame.
5.  Add favorite photos using your clips and fasteners to the other two frames.

I would love to hear your feedback on the updated space.
What do you think?


  1. It turned out great!! I love the pictures and the table is too cute!! Great job!!

  2. How cute!!! How do the metal clips go on?

  3. Amy, the metal clips that I used have small holes on the top similar to what the clips look like on a clip board. I placed a fastener through the hole and added it to the board like a tack. Hope that helps. Stefanie


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