Wednesday, August 31, 2011

{diy Tutorial} Candy Kabobs

One of the treats that everyone really seemed to enjoy at the Aloha Summer birthday party were the candy kabobs that I made.  They were incredibly easy to make.  They would also make the perfect party favor!

This treat can easily be tailored to any party theme.  

 What you'll need:

Bamboo skewers or long lollipop sticks
A variety of gummy candies 
clear bags


Add gummy candies in alternating fashion onto a wooden skewer.

Place candies on the top half of the wooden skewer. When adding the last gummy to the top of the skewer, only place it half way through the candy.  This will ensure that the tip does not poke through.

Place one of the plastic bags over the skewer.  Tie with a matching ribbon.

Voila!  Was that easy or what? 

Makes for a perfect table decoration and party favor.


  1. Yummy! This is a great idea, and you could put any lollies that matched your colour scheme! Never thought of that!
    Those lollies you chose are some of my favourites!
    I have pinned this!

  2. These look so good and how easy to make. Great idea for doing something like this to hand out at Halloween!

  3. Do you have the names of the gummies you used ? I looked around a few stores but, couldn't find anuything other than the gummy bears and some fish shaped ones. I guess I am not looking for the correct things.

  4. Laxmi - I found most of the candies at a store called Big Lots as well as the dollar store. Hope that helps.

  5. what did use to make they stand up in the pail.

    1. For the candy kabobs I used sugar to get them to stand upright in the pails. Another option is using candy such as gumballs or jelly beans.

  6. what size pail did you use for the kabobs? what size pail did you use for the jelly bellies? any suggestions on where to get these?

    1. Hi Bonny, I found the pails at Michaels. I would say they were about 4 inches on the top. If you cannot find them at Michaels, I am sure Hobby Lobby or dollar stores would carry them. Stefanie

  7. How far in advance did you make them?


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