Thursday, June 2, 2011

{Party in the Works} Aloha Summer Invitation

Aside from working on orders and creating designs for a photo shoot that I am helping to style with Melissa of Oh Fiddlesticks this weekend, I am having lots of fun coming up with ideas for my two girls whose birthday party is in just a few weeks. The date has been set! Then, it was time to come up with a design for their invitation.

  Flowers that looked similar to hibiscus kept popping into my head but none of the flowers I found were just right.  When I was on the plane heading to San Diego for my girl's weekend, I was flipping through the latest issue of In Style Magazine and began reading an article on Taylor Swift.  My eyes kept glancing at these fun shaped flowers throughout the article.  They were just what I had been envisioning!

When I arrived back home, I scanned in the pages from the magazine and emailed them to the graphic designer I work with and she whipped up these amazing flowers.  They were perfect!

Flowers in shades of Annabelle and Madeleine's favorite colors along with a happy pattern of sunny yellow polka dots were incorporated into their Aloha Summer invitation.

Then, it was off to creating a fun look for the envelopes.  I remembered that last year I created envelope wraps for their Hello Kitty party and thought that I would do the same this year.

 I asked the graphic designer I work with if she could make a digital scrapbook paper using the flower that she designed.  I then added that design into the envelope wrap where I created a space on the front for the address.  The wrapper wraps to the back of the envelope where I left a space for our return address.

Off to the mailbox I go to send the invitations off.  

Next, I will be sharing with you activities planned for the party.

Stay tuned!

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  1. These invitations are fantastic!! Love the creative juices flowing to create the PERFECT invite for your girls! Go MOM!!!


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