Tuesday, January 25, 2011

{Special} Whimsy Couture discount

I have always wanted to learn how to sew.   I have friends that create the most adorable outfits for their little ones and I so wished that I could do the same.  When my sweet husband purchased a sewing machine for me, I looked for a store that offered simple patterns that I could follow without getting frustrated.  I came across a shop on Etsy called Whimsy Couture and fell in love with the sweet outfits.  I ordered a few patterns and was amazed at how easy it was to sew using Denise's patterns.  I love making little skirts, dresses and more for Annabelle and Madeleine.  It is fun to find a cute fabric and then turning it into that they can actually wear.  It is rewarding knowing that I can actually make them something to wear and it doesn't fall apart after I wash it.

Dresses that I made for my girls using Whimsy Couture patterns.

Denise learned sewing in Home EC in Germany where she was born and grew up. She loved it ever since and when her son was born she discovered how much fun it was to make baby clothes and things. Then after the birth of her daughter, she started drafting her own patterns.  After she took a pattern making class she was hooked and started making more and more patterns.

What inspires you? "Everything! I love vintage things, whimsical things, colorful things, really everything. My designs are a bit European and a bit vintage inspired. I love making easy to sew patterns for moms that don't have much time. "

Denise is offering a 15% discount to her E books.
Simply enter ANNAANDBLUE at checkout HERE.


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