Friday, December 14, 2012

{Tutorial} diy Christmas Wreath

I recently took a trip to our local Lowe's store and found that they were giving away Christmas tree scraps and foliage.  We have an artificial Christmas tree and I so miss the smell of a real Christmas tree in our home.  I decided to take advantage of the scraps and knew that I could incorporate them into our holiday decor indoors but thought it would be so nice to create a wreath made of real foliage for our front door. 

Once I arrived home, I browsed on Pinterest and knew that I would be able to find an easy DIY tutorial to help me make a wreath and found the perfect one from fellow fellow

Here’s what you’ll need:

- A wreath ring (any size and material you like)
- Green florist wire
- Various types of foliage, flowers, and berries

Note: Fragile plants won’t work too well here, look for hardy wooded plants and sticks that will last a while without water. Also, including some foliage with more volume and leaves helps to fill out areas and hides the wire better.

Step 1.
Cut your foliage into manageable pieces. My ring is 30cm (12″) and I cut them to around 13cm (5″).

Step 2.
Wind a loop of wire around the ring edge and secure. Keep the wire attached to the roll, it’s a handy way to continuously pass the wire around the wreath.

Step 3.
Take one or two of your foliage pieces and lay them over the wire. Bring the wire around the ring and over the foliage stems to keep them in place. Keep the wire fairly tight so they don’t shift around.

Step 4.
Always work in the same direction. Place the next piece overlapping the bottoms of the last so as to cover the wire. Bring a loop of wire around again and secure tightly.

Step 5.
Continue this way (not forgetting to also cover the inside edge and outside edge as well) until you reach the start again. Finish off by hiding the stems of your final foliage pieces under the tops of the first pieces you put down. Carefully wind the wire around a final time, keeping it hidden as much as possible under foliage. Once you’re sure it’s all secure, cut the wire and secure the end under the wreath.

Step 6.
Now you can look at your wreath overall and gently maneuver pieces that seem out of place, or even add new pieces if you think it needs it.
That’s it! You can add a ribbon later if you want to, or a hook of wire at the back for hanging. Most of all, just enjoy the process and have fun with it!

 For more fun and festive DIY wreath ideas, click HERE.


  1. Beautiful!! I bet it smells wonderful. I can't have a real tree either because we are allergic to them, but I love the smell. Perfect idea!!

  2. The wreath looks great!
    How do you know which plant trimmings will stay nice and which will get crunchy, faded or brown looking?

  3. What a lovely wreath you got here! I love the nature and freshness that the wreath suggests in those photos. Simply stunning.

    Feel free to stop by at my blog when you got a chance and enjoy my Christmas wreath ideas compilation too.



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