Monday, August 22, 2011

{Pinned on Pinterest} School Days!

It is hard to believe that school started today.  It seems like yesterday that I dropped my Annabelle off for the first time at her Mother's Day Out program.  Today, we dropped her off at her Kindergarten for the first time.  I just kept thinking where did the time go and how do we already have a FIVE year old. I get teary eyed all over again just thinking about it.

I thought it would be fun to put together a Back to School board on Pinterest which includes fun lunch ideas, decor, party ideas and more!

ABC Cookies


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  1. Great post...I am about to send my daughter, ANNABELLE {also} to preschool tomorrow.....I am weepy over it too!

  2. Thank you for including my & How Does She's printables in your post, Stefanie! : ) I love your collection of ideas - I'm going to have to check out the rest of your boards! All in the name of work, of course - totally not because Pinterest is uber-addictive... ; )

  3. Thank you for featuring my lunches! I love your blog, full of eye candy =)


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