Monday, November 24, 2014

DIY Tutorial: Glitter Hearts Wrapping Paper

I love glitter.  Who doesn't right?  However, I don't like the mess that comes with working with glitter.  I found a fun way to wrap a gift using some sparkle without the mess.  I recently created Happy Birthday gift tags as a free printable which you can download HERE.  I wanted to add a little creative touch to the gift wrap by adding a hint of glitter.  Creating this look is super simple and can easily be changed up by using different colors and different shaped hole punches.  Imagine all the fun you could have wrapping holiday presents.

What You'll Need:
Wrapping Paper
Gift Box
Heart Shaped Whole Punch
Glitter on a Roll Tape

Step One:
After you wrap your gift box, take your glitter on a roll and cut a piece that is about 8-10 inches long.  I chose to remove the backing from the glitter roll before using the whole punch.  Removing the backing from the tiny shapes can be time consuming.  

Step 2:
Using your hole punch, begin punching the desired number of shapes for your gift wrap.  

Step 3:
After you have punched out your glitter shapes, simply add them to your gift box sparingly.
Add a ribbon and tie into a bow.
You are done!  Wasn't that easy?


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