Monday, April 2, 2012

{diy Tutorial} Spring Candy Wreath

Are you feeling a little crafty?  Our latest tutorial is really easy, extremely affordable and a clever way to decorate for Spring.  With just a few supplies, you will have a beautiful springtime wreath that's perfect for Easter and especially sweet!

12 inch Styrofoam wreath
hot glue gun

Step 1
Begin gluing your candy in place on the inside circumference of your wreath.
Step 2
Continue gluing your candy in a circular pattern around the wreath.
Steps 3 and 4
Continue adding candy until the inner and outer edges are covered with candy.

You are almost done.


Add a matching ribbon and hang your wreath.

Here's another fun way to use your candy wreath.

Storing your wreath
Wrap your wreath in paper and place on a flat surface.  Keep your wreath in a cool and dry area.


  1. I am not a wreath person, but this is too cute! May have to give it a try... Also I think it would look great with black/orange candy for halloween!

  2. Ohh i love it:-) have to try this!


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