Thursday, December 2, 2010

{Fabulous Favorite} Amazing Gracie

Last year for our annual photo session with our family photographer, I wanted our girls Annabelle and Madeleine to wear outfits that were similar but not identical. One of the first places I look for fabulous finds is of course Etsy. I came across an Etsy store with the most amazing clothing for girls. I sew a little and make simple skirts and such for my girls but the outfits in this store were simply divine. I thought I was looking at outfits straight from the most trendy children's clothing catalog. The adorable creations are crafted by Christa for her Etsy store called Amazing Gracie. One outfit in particular caught my eye and I thought it was perfect for my Annabelle. I wanted to do a color scheme of pink and brown and Christa found fantastic fabrics and created a custom top for my little one. Christa was an absolute pleasure to work with!

Annabelle in her Amazing Gracie outfit
Photo via Alison Eden

With that, I introduce you to her beautiful work. She was so sweet to answer my questions to learn more about her and how she got started making such lovely outfits.

I hope you will enjoy learning about her story as much as I did.

How you started? I worked retail while in college at a local upscale children's boutique. I was absolutely fascinated by the design, quality, and craftsmanship of high end boutique clothing. After graduating college, I became a stay at home mom. When my youngest daughter was about 4 months old, and I stumbled upon some custom/boutique auctions on eBay. Before then, I had no idea that you could buy handmade garments for children. My husband had recently switched jobs, and was away from home during his work week. I found myself home alone a lot with 3 small children, and pretty lonely. It was then that I decided to get out my sewing machine and make something for my baby. She was so tiny that I had left over fabric from the outfit I made her, and I decided to make 2 outfits. I kept one, and sold the other on eBay. I think I got $25 dollars for it, but I was HOOKED! The rest is history!

How long your shop has been open? About 1.5 years here on Etsy, but selling my designs on eBay for almost 4 years.

What inspires you? I am always inspired by fabric! But, I definitely do have my youngest daughter in mind when I am designing. I figure if she won't wear it, then who will?! In the bigger picture, I am inspired by all 3 of my children. It is for them that I do this!!! It is a really good way to work at home WITH THEM. I feel so blessed to be able to bring in some income, while working only steps away from them.

Any additional info you would like to share? I think back to how this all started, and realize that if I had not acted on that little voice in my head telling me to give this venture a try, I would never have stumbled upon my passion in life. When I started this all, I really only had very basic sewing knowledge, and a 1970's Singer sewing machine! It would have been really easy to give up many, many, many times along the way. But I did not. I kept on going, and I am ever so thankful for where I am today. I am also so thankful for each and every one of my customers that I have had the pleasure of working with along the way. Without them there would be no Amazing Gracie!!!

Christa is so gracious to offer FREE SHIPPING to my fans and readers. Contact her on her Etsy store and let her know that anna and blue paperie sent you!

Visit Amazing Gracie HERE!

Thanks Christa for sharing your story!


  1. WOW gorgeous little clothes! Mom of 2 boys here...makes me want a little girl to dress up : )


  2. Oh my goodness!!...Like I need one more store to shop for my girls...LOL....SUPER CUTE CLOTHES!!! I must buy something now :) Thanks for sharing!


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