Wednesday, October 10, 2012

{Tutorial} Halloween Crackers

What You'll Need 
Crepe or Tissue Paper (black, orange or white)
Colored Paper (black, orange or white)
Scalloped scissors (optional)
Ribbon and/or twine
Candy Rolls (lifesaver), candy wafers, crackers etc.

Cut crepe or tissue paper to  8 x 10 inches in size.
Take your roll of candy (or equivalent) and place on 2 pieces of your cut crepe/tissue paper.
Roll paper around and tape to keep in place.
Tie ends with ribbon or twine.
Trim paper on each side to desired length.
Cut a piece of paper t desired width to place in the middle of your roll. Cut each side using your scallop scissors for a pretty edge.
Roll paper around and tape to keep in place.
Tape a 2 inch tag on top for the perfect touch.

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