Sunday, February 6, 2011

{Tutorial} Homemade Crayons

This year instead of filling Valentine goodie bags with just sweets, I am also going to be adding heart shaped crayons for the girls' to give to their friends at school. This is a very easy and simple project to do. It is a fun craft project to do with your little ones as well.

Use old, broken or new crayons!

Remove paper and break crayons into small pieces. Place broken crayons in a muffin tin.  If not using silicone trays, I suggest spraying the tins with a little vegetable spray.

Place tin in oven at 275 degrees F for about 7 minutes or until melted.  The crayons do melt fast!

When melted, carefully remove from the oven.  Let them cool completely (can be placed in the freezer to speed up process once the tin is not so hot.)

Once cool, the crayons can be popped out of the muffin tin.  Then get the paper out and you are ready to color or use your new crayons as party favors!

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